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Nurhayati Abdul Talib -Yatt-
Penang, Butterworth
D.O.B= 9 Ogos 1991
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No one can give me truly love more than my parents. Love you mak. Love you abah :').
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When we first talked to each other I knew we would always be friends. Our friendship has kept on growing And I'll be here for you to the end. You listen when I have a problem And help dry the tears from my face. You take away my sorrow And put happiness in its place. We can't forget the fun we've had Laughing 'til our faces turn blue. Talking of things only we find funny People think we're insane-If they only knew! I guess this is my way of saying thanks For catching me when I fall. Thanks once again for being such a good friend And being here with me through it all.

My Diaries

tutorial bawal plain

atas permintaan kawan2 kat FB..
yatt tunjukkan cara2 nak pkai tudung ni...
maaf sebab yatt ta pndai nk ajar orang...
hope korang faham la tutorial ni...
sebelum tu korang boley la scroll bawah skaly kat dlm blog ni
pause lagu dulu okeyh..
supaya korang dapat dgr dgn jelas vid bawah nie.

selmat mencuba..

actually yatt pon belajar daripada orang...
kawan baik yatt sendiri.. yuyu n kazen dy yana...
yatt tanak orang ckp style tudung nie yatt yang reka.. coz nie idea orang..
yatt ikut je...
kat bawah nie dyorang yang empunye style..

yuyu & yana

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